When LinkedIn ‘Recruiter’ is simply not enough to help connect with developers.

Some Things Recruiters Are Not Doing Right

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To find great tech talent, a recruiter needs to be able to find them. The best developers may not be on LinkedIn. In fact, Stack Overflow's study found that 22% of developers do not have a LinkedIn profile. And even if the developer has a LinkedIn profile, there may not have visited LinkedIn in years. How can recruiters find the ...

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Worth It?

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You are either using LinkedIn Recruiter/Recruiter Lite or have considered using them. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. Either your company uses it––or not. But if you could decide and it's your money or budget, would you still buy it considering the plethora of options available? The $10,000 question is: is LinkedIn Recruiter worth it? Recruiter or Lite, It Doesn't ...