Avoid ever missing critical recruiting related messages

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Tech recruiters today have numerous accounts on many different platforms that need to be endlessly juggled. If you don’t already have a best practice process/system for managing all the different messaging platforms and sources of communication, best to turn on email notifications and then back them out as you see fit. One missed message could cost you a deal and it’s a lesson to not learn the hard way.

More specifically, most tech recruiters monitor and camp out on their work email all day long, so it makes sense to make that the place to catch all possible work-related messages that potentially help you boost your paycheck.

Carve out 10-15 mins to circle back on all of your prominent social media and recruiting related platforms to check your communications, messaging, and notifications settings. If you must, make a list first and work methodically from there.

Make sure you have email messaging turned on until you can’t stand it anymore. You’ll quickly figure out which are not necessary and which you are glad you set up as a safety net. You can always turn them off once you’re comfortable that you won’t miss checking those platforms for messages.


For example:

LinkedIn – Settings & Privacy, Communications tab, Notifications by channel. Choose what works best for you and best based on your mobile app use as well.

Meetup – Settings, Email updates. Choose what works best for you. (note that push notifications on can override this on mobile app to avoid duplicates)

The list goes on. Actually, this exercise will force you to list and review all the sites you’re using for recruiting which is important because one gets spread thin and can actually forget about checking xyz account and leaving opportunity on the table. Have fun. ;o)

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