Be Ahead of the Recruiting Curve While You Flatten the Curve

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I am sure you are doing all you can to help “flatten the curve” to slow down the virus. Today we will discuss a different curve. Although talent acquisition may be slow right now, there are still plenty of ways for tech recruiters to be ahead of the recruiting curve.  Other recruiters will get complacent, you shouldn’t.

Despite the freeze, many candidates may be actively searching for new employment opportunities. It is important to continue to reach out and cultivate talented candidates. Be honest with your initial contact, inform them that you don’t have any current openings but will let them know when you do. And try to be understanding about meeting availability during this time considering people might have other responsibilities with the world in its current state. Empathy can go a long way.

Now might also be a good time to edit and improve some job descriptions or other important writings. Try to do a digital transformation and streamline the process to make it as easy as possible to navigate online. Optimize your writing so it will stand out and leave a lasting impression to talent.

With the current freeze and full shifts to remote, this is the time to optimize your at home work. You can do this by evaluating which recruiting tools give you the most value and which may be worth cutting during this time to budget. In our previous article, we showcased some of our favorite recruiting tools that are currently available for free.

You can also take this time to do some much needed spring cleaning. Update and clean up your CRM/ATS, or do some other chores you have been too busy for.

For those that want to take this time to advance their skillset and professional development, sites such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning are offering hundreds of free courses. This gives you an opportunity to brush up on some recruiter-friendly skills such as data analysis or simple programming.

It’s not a bad idea to have you and your recruiting team put some of their focus into marketing. Since everyone is now online, it is an especially good time to advocate your brand and generate impressions. Make content to tide people over during the lull and get your name recognized for when hiring does start back up.

This slowdown gives recruiters an opportunity to evaluate and optimize their tools/processes. Proactivity, productivity, and preparation will set recruiters ahead of the pack, and ultimately give them an edge for when things go back to normal. Just remember to stay positive and keep doing what you can to fill up that pipeline.

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