Chrome Extension + GitHub: Ideal Pairing for Tech Recruiting

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Our scrappy startup’s recruiting tool now has millions of developers’ personal emails in our database. However, our early search platform was not as user-friendly as it could have been (we heard you loud and clear). So, we recently released a Chrome Extension so that you can now source anywhere you like and still get personal emails for the developers you’ve uncovered as well as tech ranking, and other exclusive information from developerDB.

Chrome extension…yawn yawn. Yes everyone has them and it’s technically easy to bang one out – the real challenge and value is the data behind the Chrome Extension.

We’ve conducted numerous side-by-side comparisons of other sourcing Chrome Extensions available on the market, and on GitHub and there is a clear advantage that developerDB possesses over other products when it comes to GitHub in terms of finding personal emails and valuable tech stack ranking.

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Effectively recruiting on GitHub (USA/Canada Only):

If you have been on GitHub, you know it can be a frustrating experience overall. Not only will you not find personal emails, but most of the time, you will not be able to see a location, a complete name, or even job titles.

Profiles can be barren or even non-existent. However, you’ve applied your secret sauce search methods and uncovered a developer, and now you want to engage them. Here is where DeveloperDB comes into action.

DeveloperDB can likely uncover their profile information and the pseudo holy grail of search results; their personal email! As a bonus value add, we have ranked all active GitHub users by tech skills so you can see how they rank compared to others on GitHub. You will not get that feature anywhere else.

Of course, our Chrome Extension works on many popular social sites and not just GitHub. However, we’re especially effective with GitHub profiles and where we shine.

More specifically, while the extension will work with any link, it is especially designed for GitHub and leads in GitHub searches when it comes to uncovering developer profile emails.

The Tech Recruiter Chrome Extension is currently free to download from the Chrome Store. All initial searches are free, but you’ll need to sign up to developerDB for a free trial in order to see developer emails.

Sign up for our free trial and we will send you the link to the Chrome Store once we set up an account for you.

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