LinkedIn is Reducing Candidate Response Rate by 50%

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Normally 50% off is a good thing. Who doesn’t love a 50% off sales. But when you are a recruiter, 50% off your candidate response rate is disastrous. LinkedIn is sunsetting Connectifier, potentially lowering candidate response rate for LinkedIn Recruiter users by up to 50%.

This is what LinkedIn stated when it bundled Connectifier with LinkedIn Recruiter: “We’ve found that in many cases, recruiters who leverage both InMail and email have seen increases in candidate responses by up to 50 percent”.

Unlike LinkedIn where members message each other through the LinkedIn messaging tool, with Connectifier, users get real emails.

So why is LinkedIn removing Connectifier from the market? The truth is that LinkedIn doesn’t want recruiters to use emails that Connectifier gives you since you basically don’t need LinkedIn after getting that email. With InMail you pay every single time you use it and that mints money for them. 

It has been a strange ride for Connectifier after LinkedIn purchased them. First it was sunsetted and then resurrected and bundled with LinkedIn Recruiter. And now, LinkedIn is sunsetting Connectifier again in April 2020

Increasing response rate by 50% so why is LinkedIn shutting down Connectifier?

This makes sense for LinkedIn as they want to channel everyone into using the LinkedIn messaging tool instead of emails that Connectifier was offering.

But it does not benefit LinkedIn Recruiter users. At $1000/month, LinkedIn Recruiter was expensive, even with the added Connectifier emails. But now that it is gone, how will LinkedIn justify the outlandish price?

So much for that 50% increase. Guess LinkedIn value profit over recruiter success. A senior talent acquisition summarizes: “Interesting but not surprising. I think this was their plan all along – as you know InMail = $”.

What he meant by that is that InMail is a one-time use whereas with emails, you can send multiple times for no extra cost. So InMail makes more money for LinkedIn so why cannibalize it with emails. This is the same mentally of Microsoft with Windows and Office, which held back innovation there. By the way, maybe not coincidence that Microsoft owns LinkedIn.

So if you are still using LinkedIn to source candidates but you:

  • Don’t have enough InMail credits
  • Not subscribing to LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Don’t think that contacting candidates through InMail is the best solution
  • Want to “increase response rate 50%” by using emails

Don’t worry recruiters, developerDB has your back. For those recruiters who prefer to use emails to contact passive candidates, have no fear.

developerDB is relaunching our Chrome extension. We have been working hard during the Winter break to ensure that we are able to match more LinkedIn profiles to our database. The benefit is that not only will you see emails of LinkedIn profiles when you visit LinkedIn but you will also see our proprietary tech skills ranking and other tech related information not found on LinkedIn.

By the way, while we are focusing on LinkedIn in this blog, developerDB extension works great with GitHub, Stack Overflow and any site where you will find a lot of tech workers.

Give our Chrome extension and our search platform a try. We have a free trial with no credit cards required.

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