When LinkedIn ‘Recruiter’ is simply not enough to help connect with developers.

When LinkedIn ‘Recruiter’ is simply not enough to help connect with developers.

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Without a doubt, the LinkedIn (LI) platform and maturing LI Recruiter suite of products has been very valuable to tech recruiters and sourcers to date. However, because so many recruiters pound on LI daily, the laws of diminishing returns are clearly emerging.

It’s time to up your search game by venturing out beyond the LI ecosystem as LI becomes an over fished pond  .. if not already!

For example, if you’re not already utilizing GitHub (a virtual neighborhood hangout for developers), we want to push you outside your comfort zone before the Microsoft acquisition changes GitHub’s value for tech recruiters (e.g. fewer developers will join/participate over time as they seek another on-the-rise developer-centric platform).

If you’re already using GitHub, fantastic as this is where our emerging recruiting tool shines.

So, stay ahead your recruiter competition who are exhausting those target developer touch points on LI and you’ll be jazzed to find out why more and more great tech recruiters are using GitHub, etc.

Admittedly it takes a little more work at first to navigate these alternatives, but well worth that short term extra effort. Once you get the basics down and uncover the talent you’re looking for on GitHub, this is where our recruiting tool shines.

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