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Effective recruitment moves to a new level when you have the complete profiles generated by our time-saving analysis:

  • Work History: LinkedIn/Resumes
  • Personal Email: Resumes
  • Coding Skills: GitHub
  • Technical Communications: Stack Overflow
  • Personal Interests: Social media

Combining all the key online profiles of a developer is an extremely powerful way to source talent. We save you time and effort by putting together the full picture for you.

Personal Email Benefits for Recruiting


  • Less to buy personal email and profile than to send out InMail
  • InMail good for one use. Can’t be saved in ATS or database for future use
  • No InMail open/delivery rates prevent user from improving performance
  • Excerpt of InMail sent to user’s email. User forced to log into LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn penalized InMail users with low response rate
  • InMail is known for spammy sales pitches

Ineffective For Tech Recruiting

  • 22% of developers aren’t on LinkedIn
  • Open Candidates is not discrete. Visible to anyone who pays LinkedIn
  • InMail has poor response while costing $8 per send
  • Likelihood to respond prediction results in other recruiters targeting the same people
  • No diversity filters
  • Not tech focused. Not connected with member’s GitHub & Stack Overflow

GitHub is Difficult for Recruiting

With 25M tech users, GitHub is the largest online tech community but using GitHub for sourcing is problematic

1) GitHub is used by many, but not all developers

2) GitHub user profiles are mostly incomplete

We augment incomplete GitHub profiles by ingesting data from other popular developer and social media sites.

GitHub Incomplete User Profile