Lead Generation for Tech

Tech audiences cannot be marketed to with typical lead generation tools, but requires a dedicated tech marketing tool. Our background in tech marketing has enabled us to create a tool to contact those hard-to-reach people.

developerDB is Not a Traditional Data Provider

Traditional data providers are good at basic business information: Name, business email, job title, and company location. They are convenient as they cover broad ranges of industries, but are not good for reaching tech people. Here’s why:

  • There are no profiles of non-traditional tech people: ex. Freelancers, contract, or career changers
  • Traditional data is lacking deep coverage in most tech niche areas
  • Business emails only
  • No tech specific data such as tech skill rankings and “beyond work” tech activities
  • Outdated information: Data is refreshed quarterly or longer

developerDB is Tech Lead Generation

With over 30 million tech profiles, developerDB is one of the largest tech worker databases. The profiles we have range from professional software developers, to CTO/VP of engineering, all the way to novice programmers and those seeking a newcareer in tech. Whoever you want to reach in tech, we can help.

  • Better segmentation: Tech tags, tech skill rankings, “beyond work” tech activities
  • Traditional and nontraditional tech people
  • Personal emails + business emails
  • A Database that is updated daily, not quarterly

Why Email Marketing is Best for Tech

There are many ways to market to people. But for the tech audience, one of the most effective ways is through email marketing. This is because:

  • Display ads don’t work on tech people: They use ad blockers
  • Tech forums/community sites forbid marketing and promotion
  • Traditional channels like events and in-person marketing are no longer an option
  • It allows for better segmentation and control of the pipeline (ABM)
  • It is more economical than PPC or other channels

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