Don't Just Contact the Low Hanging Candidates

Don’t Just Contact the Low Hanging Candidates

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Are you contacting developers that every other recruiter is contacting? Chances are very high that this is the case as everyone these days has access to them with very little effort. Perhaps you’re using LinkedIn most of the time and not searching enough on tech focused sites like GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overflow (which are where developers hang out, not LinkedIn). ...

Skip Those Recruiting Conferences

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This is the second part in a series on how recruiters can market to tech workers. You can find the first one, “Recruiters: How to Market to Tech Candidates” I am a seasoned former tech marketer and have used “guerrilla” marketing strategies to not only target tech workers but also to learn more about them. When I created developerDB, i ...

Recruiters: How to Market to Tech Candidates

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I recently saw a posting for Machine Learning and AI jobs using the image above (minus the no circle). The image above reeks of corporate HR. I am sorry but corporate HR is not the coolest thing to a developer. Do you think any ML/AI candidate is going to see this image and say wow I need to go work ...