GitHub Recruiting Complimentary eBook

FREE EBOOK: Tech Recruiting with GitHub

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GitHub has 56 million tech worker profiles and is free to join. So why are recruiters not using GitHub? This free eBook will help you get the most mileage out of your GitHub recruiting. Where else can you find millions of personal emails of developers, see how their peers rate their technical skills, and analyze behavior for suitability to be ...

Is LinkedIn Recruiter Worth It?

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You are either using LinkedIn Recruiter/Recruiter Lite or have considered using them. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. Either your company uses it––or not. But if you could decide and it's your money or budget, would you still buy it considering the plethora of options available? The $10,000 question is: is LinkedIn Recruiter worth it? Recruiter or Lite, It Doesn't ...

What Are Half of Tech Recruiters Doing That the Others Are Not

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Half of recruiters are conducting their searches for the right candidates on Github, while the other half are not utilizing the platform. Our 2020 State of Tech Recruiting Survey illustrated this divide amongst the platforms tech recruiters use.  Which sites do you use?  In the survey where tech recruiters were asked to select all the social media platforms they use ...

Our Chrome Extension Now Finds 3x More Emails Than Before

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New is always better! This is true in the case of the new developerDB chrome extension. We made the changes that matter. Customers need data. The data is where we spend the time improving the extension.  Improving the data leads to a better experience for chrome extension users. Users want to get in contact with more candidates. Fixing the design ...

Free LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome Extension

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Find business emails of LinkedIn members. Unlimited free usage. No sign up required. LinkedIn Email Finder can find business emails of LinkedIn members. Avoid signing in and wasting time with other “free” chrome extensions. Other email finder chrome extensions require registration or limit of free credits.  With our tool, users know that they can avoid signing up, purchasing additional credits, ...

Why Building Trust With Candidates is Paramount

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If you want to join the ranks of elite recruiters, one of the best ways to do this is to up your ‘relationship’ game. That is, great recruiters, do one thing extremely well: never leave anybody hanging. No matter what it takes, always follow through as promised. Rule of Thumb:Let’s say that it’s Friday and you have a candidate that ...
Don't Just Contact the Low Hanging Candidates

Avoid Contacting the Low Hanging Candidates

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Are you contacting developers that every other recruiter is contacting? Chances are very high that this is the case as everyone these days has access to them with very little effort. The Issues Finding DevelopersRecruiters might have trouble finding developers on LinkedIn. Developers spend time on GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overflow. To compound the problem on LinkedIn, you’re likely contacting “Open ...
When LinkedIn ‘Recruiter’ is simply not enough to help connect with developers.

What Some Recruiters Are Not Doing Right

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To find great tech talent, a recruiter needs to be able to find them. The best developers may not be on LinkedIn. In fact, Stack Overflow's study found that 22% of developers do not have a LinkedIn profile. And even if the developer has a LinkedIn profile, there may not have visited LinkedIn in years. How can recruiters find the ...

Use GitHub to Analyze Developer Behavior

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Techie soft skills and behavioral traits are something a recruiter is continually asked to size up. Since GitHub is a developer’s natural habitat where they are just being themselves, their community based ‘activity’ (e.g. Pull Requests, Forking, Accepted Pull Requests, etc.) often reveal behavioral traits which allows a recruiter to draw pseudo educated conclusions on their soft skills. What can ...