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Find business emails of LinkedIn members. Unlimited free usage. No sign up required. LinkedIn Email Finder can find business emails of LinkedIn members. Avoid signing in and wasting time with other “free” chrome extensions.

Other email finder chrome extensions require registration or limit of free credits.  With our tool, users know that they can avoid signing up, purchasing additional credits, or wasting time while searching for contact emails. Our tool is completely free and usable on all of LinkedIn. This tool will get you the results you need without the hassle of traditional time wasters associated with other “free” tools.

Our tool was built from the ground up utilizing our database of millions of user emails from LinkedIn. Simply visit the page of the person you’re interested in contacting and launch the chrome extension. The tool will provide you with the best possible email we have predicted for that person. Copy the email to your clipboard or launch your email client directly from the extension. This tool is being consistently updated to improve the accuracy for users. 

As a prediction tool, It will show the best possible email for the profile. It works best for employees of the US and large international companies. These emails have not been validated. Since email validation tends to be highly inaccurate. Many tools have email validation features. They consider an email valid if it doesn’t bounce back. But that does not mean the email reached the correct person. This is referred to as “catch-all.” This means they accept all validation without returning anything.

The extension can be used for recruiting, lead generation, sales, searching for people. It is built for recruiters, sourcers, business development, and productivity.

LinkedIn Email Finder

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