GitHub Recruiting Complimentary eBook

EBOOK: Tech Recruiting with GitHub (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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GitHub has 65 million tech worker profiles and is free to join. So why are recruiters not using GitHub? This free eBook will help you get the most mileage out of your GitHub recruiting. Where else can you find millions of personal emails of developers, see how their peers rate their technical skills, and analyze behavior for suitability to be …

Making the 80/20 Rule Work For You

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There is a great saying: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Tech searches follow a common recipe that offer limited results; especially when up against another agency with the same client search and time to submit is critical. It goes like this.  New position comes in and tech stack identified.  Recruiters …

Smart Recruiters Git’ Over to GitHub Where Real Tech Recruiting Happens

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Sure, you’ve heard about GitHub. Perhaps you’ve even run a few searches on GitHub but quickly returned to LinkedIn as it’s familiar and comfortable. No worries and no judgement as this is very common. We’re just encouraging you to seriously consider the possibilities that GitHub offers, especially when you feel you’ve hit a wall on LinkedIn. The ROI of the …

Why Your Recruiting Tools Should Be Like Sales Tools

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Recruiters may think that this is the golden age of recruiting tools with new services cropping up promising AI this or AI that.  But actually the pickings and the quality are rather anemic when compared to the quality/quantity of sales/lead generation tools available. Recruiting is similar to lead generation/sales: Find the right prospects and convince them to do something. Sure, …

Don't Just Contact the Low Hanging Candidates

Avoid Contacting the Low Hanging Candidates

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Are you contacting developers that every other recruiter is contacting? Chances are very high that this is the case as everyone these days has access to them with very little effort. The Issues Finding Developers is recruiters might have trouble finding developers on LinkedIn. Developers spend time on GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overflow. To compound the problem on LinkedIn, you’re likely …

Bringing Freedom Back to Recruiting

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Cloud computing became all the rage partly because the pricing model was really attractive: Pay for what you use. It was a simple and very attractive concept and it revolutionized how computing services should be bought. So, why can’t recruiting tools and services be purchased that way? Dynamic versus static pricing is the way to go. If you think about …

Hey Recruiters, Lets Have an Affair!

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Like many recruiters chasing after the killer recruiting tool, you are probably locked into an unhappy contract with a recruiting vendor that’s left a lot to be desired for quite some time. On top of that, you can’t see it getting any kinder to your wallet in the foreseeable future. While it’s up to you to break up your SaaS …

Are You Over Fishing with LinkedIn?

Are You Over Fishing with LinkedIn?

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Whether you are over fishing on LinkedIn or not depends on how you are using LinkedIn for recruiting. With over 500 million professional members, LinkedIn should definitely be part of your sourcing toolbox. But there are specific LinkedIn tools you should avoid in order not to be over fishing on LinkedIn. Unless you are connected to them you, contacting candidates …