Sure, you’ve heard about GitHub. Perhaps you’ve even run a few searches on GitHub but quickly returned to LinkedIn as it’s familiar and comfortable. No worries and no judgement as this is very common.

We’re just encouraging you to seriously consider the possibilities that GitHub offers, especially when you feel you’ve hit a wall on LinkedIn. The ROI of the small amount of time and effort it takes to get going with GitHub is simply amazing.For the sage tech recruiter that invests just a little bit of time on GitHub (perhaps that’s already you) they quickly discover the power of this untapped resource which is the real landscape and hangout for developers who frankly may or may not even be on LinkedIn.

Once you learn GitHub’s search syntax simplistic UI, you won’t look back. Then add our recruiting search tool to your GitHub sourcing experience and life is good. If you’re like most tech recruiters, LinkedIn is your daily go-to place for sourcing. This approach makes sense at first glance, and there’s no shame in recruiting within the LinkedIn universe with or without LI Recruiter. However, there is no silver bullet so effective recruiting is about a basket of tools and platforms and we hope you’ll consider our solution as part of your sourcing tool kit. Bust out of your LinkedIn recruiting habit and GIT ‘ER DONE over at GitHub. Add our tool to your arsenal for augmented talent engagement on GitHub, etc. for maximum benefit. Use our tech recruiting beta for free!