You’re already struggling through the ensemble of ‘no’s’ you’ve heard from the highly sought after tech talent. Now you’re faced with sniffing through individual profiles looking for candidates who have existing security clearance. The nature of top security clearances demands strict confidentiality and discretion. Due to this sensitive nature, software engineers often choose not to openly disclose this information on their LinkedIn profiles.

Your pool is small. 


When it comes to finding talent with top-secret clearance, recruiters have an uphill battle. The few candidates who have disclosed their clearance may not have the skills and experience needed for the position. The need for absolute trustworthiness and reliability further increases the difficulty. Recruiters must ensure that candidates not only possess the necessary skills and experience but also have the integrity to handle classified information responsibly.

Your pool got even smaller.


Consequently, recruiters end up investing considerable time, resources, and expertise into identifying and evaluating these rare and highly sought-after candidates.


Imagine if there existed a solution to simplify the never-ending search.

Our company has assembled a front line top-secret clearance predictor. Our program enables us to identify the passive candidates with top-secret clearance, even if it’s not explicitly stated on their profile. With advanced algorithms and data analytics, our AI application leverages various indicators and patterns to assess a candidate’s possession of top-secret clearance. 


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Instead, your pool is getting bigger. You’re saving valuable time and resources while ensuring you don’t overlook hidden gems in the talent pool.


We empower recruiters to make informed decisions and connect with highly qualified individuals who possess the necessary credentials for handling classified information.

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