Are you contacting developers that every other recruiter is contacting? Chances are very high that this is the case as everyone these days has access to them with very little effort. The Issues Finding Developers is recruiters might have trouble finding developers on LinkedIn. Developers spend time on GitHub, Reddit, Stack Overflow. To compound the problem on LinkedIn, you’re likely contacting “Open Candidates.” These are developers that have indicated that they’re open to new opportunities. Every other recruiter on LinkedIn is reaching out to them. You might be using recruiting tools to supplement your LinkedIn searches. The recruiting tools themselves might cause the problem. They are not helping you uncover new talent and/or vital contact information. Which prevents effective engagement. Most recruiting tools that cater to multiple industries. There cannot be ‘all things for all recruiters’. They must go wide but not very deep, or in this case, very high up the tree. So, they grab low hanging candidate profiles and move on. We often get asked how it is that we can find profiles and emails that the other recruiting tools cannot find. The answer is easy: we focus only on tech recruiting.

Other tools chase after the low hanging fruit to grab 70-80% of IT workers emails. We go the extra distance required to find the harder to uncover 10-15%. We ingest and process data from many tech focused sites. These sites get overlooked or are too small for other recruiting tools to harvest from. Recruiters must find nurses, lawyers, and every other job category under the sun. We spend our time and resources exclusively on tech talent discovery. As a comparison, one of the largest tech sites may only use one or two methods of data ingestion. At developerDB, we currently use eight different techniques. Some techniques have multiple stages. A little more data for our users gives you an edge when head-to-head with other tech recruiters. Tech recruiting is all we do. The focus on tech allows us to offer features others can’t. These include tech skill ranking, diversity, and information about a developer’s repository. Which would not be relevant for a jack-of-all-trades recruiting tool. Even if you currently have other solutions, keep in mind that we don’t require any long term contracts which makes developerDB your safety net when you cannot find a profile or email. Our clients tell us we have emails that no one else has.