[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/1″][text_output]If you’re working remotely, you might as well make it a comfortable experience. Lots of companies are offering their usual paid services free for the coming months. Now is the time to capitalize and make working from home a breeze. We’ve picked out some to keep you optimized and stress free.

Have a remote interview with an extremely hard to find candidate? Don’t lose her if your Zoom does not function. Google Hangouts is offering their advanced version with extra video conferencing capabilities free for small business until July 1. It allows for extra video conferencing capabilities such as up to 250 people per session and the option to record/save sessions [not that you would need 250 people for your video conferencing interviews]. Since almost all interviews are now remote, even if you have Zoom, Hangout is a good backup in case Zoom goes down like it has been frequently.

Calendly has integrated with video-chatting platforms making it simple for recruiters to schedule and keep track of interviews/meetings. And if you’re budgeting, HubSpot offers a free personal CRM that’s simple and easy to use for managing talent relationships. Comcast is also waiving overcharge and late internet fees for anyone struggling in these times.

A few sites are offering quality online courses for those who want to use the down time to learn some new skills. Tech recruiters can even brush up on some simple programming so you can talk shop with candidates.

  • Coursera has 85 free online courses, a lot being university standards that come with certificates upon completion.
  • Lynda is now LinkedIn Learning. They are offering a free month with unlimited access to their extensive library of courses. Over 600 classes are available for a variety of subjects such as software/web development, design, business, and photography.

Maybe not directly related to recruiting, but your health is always important to take into consideration. With massive layoffs, the job of a recruiter is stressful enough right without having to worry about basic things like going to the grocery store. The Headspace app offers free meditations and exercises to those who need a little time to clear their head from all the cabin fever. With a calm and positive outlook, keeping a strict work ethic while working remotely will be that much easier.

For those having a hard time finding the motivation to work out during lockdown (exercising can increase your immune system), Nike is also offering their work out app for free. It offers workout videos and training programs ranging from yoga to weightlifting. If you don’t feel like working out, that’s fine too. It’s okay to be a little lazy right now given what’s going on in the world. Luckily, tons of free streaming services such as HBO, Hulu, Prime, etc. are offering extended 30-day free trials, giving you plenty of time to binge all your favorite shows on the platform.

If you’d rather use your time to get lost in a book, Scribd is offering a free 1-month full library access to their millions of ebooks and audiobooks so you can brush up on those written and communication skills. Their subscription usually costs $9 per month, but is now available with a quick sign up. And if your kids are at home and need to keep up with their reading practice, Audible is also offering their library of new and classic kids books free.

During these times, it’s important to take care of yourself and do what’s right for YOU. Stick to a routine that makes you comfortable. If we are all content with how we are living, we can get through this thing.