We conducted a state of recruiting survey and one of the more interesting findings shows that the main pushback tech recruiters are having with finding new tech talent is that they are happy / satisfied in their current employment. This directly relates to the second largest problem recruiting candidates, which is salary. When finding a qualified candidate who is willing to leave their current employment they would like to see immediate monetary compensation or they wouldn’t take the risk of new employment. The data directly contradicts the phrase the grass is always greener on the other side, which causes one to think, are tech candidates truly happy where they are, or were they not offered enough money to leave their current employer? When candidates say they are truly happy it can be for a multitude of reasons, they might be politely rejecting your offer, they might not want to work for your company, or they might just be truly happy in their current position. A great way to avoid this is to move away from recruiting on LinkedIn. Candidates on LinkedIn have been over recruited and therefore are more likely to be reluctant to be contacted.