Cloud computing became all the rage partly because the pricing model was really attractive: Pay for what you use. It was a simple and very attractive concept and it revolutionized how computing services should be bought.

So, why can’t recruiting tools and services be purchased that way? Dynamic versus static pricing is the way to go. If you think about it, why should you be limited to a number of profile lookups/emails when your search activities are not uniformly even from month to month?

And why be locked into expensive annual contracts that are completely unsuited for the dynamic environment of technical recruiting? Makes no sense at all.

Let’s face it. Subscription plans favors the seller at the cost of the buyer and we think that’s unfair. It’s like having a monthly meal plan at McDonalds where you get charged whether you eat or not. To make matters worse, you cannot go over your allotted Big Macs for the month which means you have to wait for that allotment to reset next month. Meanwhile, you could still be hungry! Grrrr.

Since recruiting activity has peaks and valleys, there is no need to apply a monthly payment model for recruiting services. You’re the expert and know when job openings are coming down the pipeline. Should you not be able to go full blast on a recruiting tool when that happens and step off the pedal when things are a little slow? Of course you should. A simple and flexible pricing plan for sourcing tools is what you need to be more effective and stay on budget. Our pricing model brings freedom (and productivity) back to recruiting. No more worries about hitting limits or wasting your monthly allowance.

With a limited monthly quota plan that you are near reaching, it’s a hard decision. Do I really want to contact this person or not? You second guess yourself all the time in these pricing models of the past. It’s simply not a great pricing model when on the front lines of recruiting and you need to reach technical talent now; not next month when your quota is replenished. With our Pay-As-You-Go plan, you can avoid all these headaches. No more using your brain to decide which profile should be used because you have a limited quota. Use your brain power more constructively. At $1/profile, you can take that chance. Find that dark horse candidate. Go ahead and email that candidate that will “say no” for sure (but you never know).

There are no complicated, large and costly contracts that other departments have to review and approve. If you are trying to get a $1000/month, annual contract approved, there will be many eyes on it. Multiple departments will need to approve it and delays or denials are inevitable. It’s simple. Buy credits when you need them. Credits lasts forever so if you don’t use them,  you don’t lose them. And if you have unexpected demands, you can simply buy more.

And since there is no long term contract to deal with, your purchase is quickly approved so you can get back to the important tasks of your job.

Say ‘NO’ to restrictive annual contracts with monthly quotas and say ‘HELLO PRICING FREEDOM’. Take our simple pricing for a spin and see how much further you can go with less budget.