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How to Effectively Recruit on GitHub

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GitHub has 31 million developer/tech worker profiles that include tech skills, location, social media, and personal emails. GitHub is free to join. And with at least 22% of IT workers reporting that they don’t even have a LinkedIn account, why are recruiters not on GitHub?

For tech recruiting, sourcing from GitHub is like “eating your vegetables”: Something you know is good to do but you don’t do it. This webinar will demystify GitHub and includes the pros/cons of sourcing on GitHub. Plus it will introduce a Chrome extension to make sourcing on GitHub “sweet like honey but healthy like veggies”.


Alex Wenz: Veteran Tech Recruiter / Advisor to developerDB / Founding Member @SD Tech Hub

Don Phan: Founder & CEO of developerDB. Award winning marketer to IT workers

You will learn:

  1. The Pros/Cons of recruiting on GitHub
  2. Some simple search strings to accelerate your search (no complex Boolean required)
  3. Tools that can greatly improve your search on GitHub

“Tech Recruiting on GitHub” ebook.

Plus when you register for the webinar, you will be the first to get a complimentary copy of our “Tech Recruiting on GitHub” ebook.

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