Search String Examples on GitHub

Three High Mileage Search String Examples on GitHub

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You’ve decided to expand your tech recruiting search chops beyond LinkedIn and other overfished ponds and venture out to where developers do their thing. Fantastic choice as you’ll be hooked in no time.

Once you land there, you might be wondering how to do searches to find what you need?  Just focus on the top left search box at and read on.

In addition to GitHub’s online help and advanced search feature page, various blogs, YouTube videos, etc. we’re here to help nudge you over to GitHub by providing three simple search examples to get you going. Once you’re hooked on GitHub, you can expand your search knowledge as the need arises. The key is to dip your toe into this glorious unfished pond.

Use the search results (GitHub developer profiles) in concert with our Chrome Extension tech recruiting tool and life is good over at GitHub.

LOCATION: (Syntax = location:LocationName)

location:”san diego” (use “quotes” b/c of the space between San and Diego, otherwise mixed results)

location:chicago         (no “quotes” are needed b/c city is a single word)

LANGUAGE: (Syntax = language:LanguageName)



FOLLOWERS: (Syntax = followers:n) where n can be specific follower counts [>n, >=n, <n, <=n]

Note: 2–10 followers is good, 11–25 is great, 26–75 is exceptional, and 75+ followers is super.

followers:>25   (greater than)
followers:>=25 (greater than or equal to)
followers:<25   (less than)
followers:<=25 (less than or equal to)

And yes … you can combine all queries for more precise/efficient searches:

location:”san diego” language:python followers:>25

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