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The Tech Recruiting Dilemma

Technical recruiting has become more difficult than ever before, with the same websites, search tools, and keywords being recycled among recruiters. Not only are recruiters repetitively tracking the same candidates with the same search tools, but an increased need to track experienced candidates with skills in specific technologies adds to the swamp. It becomes even more difficult to determine the specific tech skills of passive developers, where some list levels of experience on their resume profiles but validation of depth becomes difficult. Their respective jobs may or may not put into effect these specific skills—and without a deeper insight into their company’s tech stack, recruiters are left without the necessary information between the developer’s skills. The potential solution of searching for developers at top tech companies poses even more uncertainties, including: limitation of outreach size, the difficulty of attracting the developer away from the current position, the volume of recruiter contact, and whether the specific tech skill is still being used in that job today. At DeveloperDB, we have provided real solutions which begin with allowing the tech communities to help recruiters source—crowdsourcing your tech!

Outsource Quickly and Efficiently

For tech recruiters it comes essential to outsource tech credentials whenever possible and efficient. At DeveloperDB we provide a solution which begins with outsourcing the screening of tech credentials to the tech communities, starting with the GitHub and Stack Overflow communities to help recruiters source. The Github and Stack Overflow communities provide feedback and ratings that are heavily utilitarian based. For example, GitHub users star a repository that they find useful or important, making it easy for recruiters to find gems in the developer community easily. In addition, on Github recruiters can sort by the top repositories (repos) per technology, making it easy for instance to search for a developer with the highest stars for their python repos.

GitHub as a Starting Point

While Github becomes useful in outsourcing credentials to tech communities, its first limiting factor respective to recruiting is that recruiters cannot sort by location, resulting in lost time and efficiency with having to run through numerous repos and user profiles to dig out that information. Although recruiters can see individual profiles, important information such as location, social media, name and email may be missing. This lack of data forces recruiters to go back to the original tech search and find another related repo. Another hurdle that comes about through searching Github repos is that popular tech platforms such as React and TensorFlow are searchable, but the repos are categorized only by coding languages (i.e Python, Java), making sorting more difficult. Moreover, while sorting can be done from highest starred repos, the search process only allows viewing individual repos. Thus, a recruiter may miss out on a developer who is productive with many repos but none are highly ranked.

Ease and Integration: Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow provides the benefit of easier user interface relative to outsourcing tech credentials in comparison to GitHub. Stack Overflow lists the top contributors and provides search by specific technology, with medals and points for all major tech skills. However, the primary issue with Stack Overflow is that the developer profiles provide even less information than GitHub—while GitHub asks for real names, Stack Overflow profiles contain usernames.

Tech Skill Ranking Solutions

After reviewing outsourcing to GitHub for tech credentials, we find inefficiencies in sorting by repos. Now recruiters, wouldn’t it be great to be able to sort by users with the most stars per technology instead of simply sorting by repos? And how much more useful would it be to then be able to search for the highest ranked in a specific technology by location while viewing a complete profile of work history, social media and personal email? At DeveloperDB, we have ranked all active members of GitHUb and Stack Overflow to make this streamlined and efficient process a reality. With the caveat of a number of GitHub members not providing public repos, it becomes invaluable to tech recruiters to be able to search the top Python, Scala, Java, etc. developers by location. Surprisingly, many developers are moving over from using traditional keyword searches on LinkedIn, which may not source a good developer in a specific technology. With the DeveloperDB platform, outsourcing your tech credentials and viewing comprehensive ranked profiles enables a specific search criteria like never before.

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