Recruiter’s Guide To Analyzing Candidate Technical Skills

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Since most tech recruiters are not actually technical, how can they be expected to figure out if a potential candidate is proficient in the specific programming language they are searching for? The short and honest answer is that it’s not easy at all; especially if you’re like most recruiters today that don’t have the luxury of time needed to really dig into a profile on GitHub to reach an assessment. However, since GitHub is quickly becoming a critical resource for tech recruiters today, it is not to be avoided.

As the CEO of developerDB (which caters exclusively to the tech recruiting space) I continually receive questions about the challenges experienced on the front lines of tech recruiting. Ranking technical skills has always been near the top of the list, so technical ranking was built into our software from day one so we could do the heavy lifting for you.

After hosting a ‘recruiting on GitHub’ webinar earlier this year followed by a free e-book, I recently received this comment from a technical recruiter:

“GitHub is nice, but from my understanding we would need to dedicate technical resources to have someone review the projects/code to assess technical abilities. It doesn’t seem to have an advantage over LinkedIn given the upfront investment of time.”

This is a fair concern as many tech recruiters have little time to fully explore GitHub profiles to attempt an assessment, nor do they have technical experts at arm’s length to review GitHub code. This is where developerDB comes into play.

By default, our flagship search tool ‘orders’ all search results by technical aptitude. However, when you’re already sitting on a GitHub profile (no matter how you landed there), you can simply fire up our free Chrome Extension to quickly see if we’ve already assessed their technical chops with our ranking methodology. If so, you’re one click away from an assessment. How can you resist?

So, the simplest way to find out if any given GitHub member has been assessed and ranked by developerDB, just fire up our Chrome Extension and perhaps we’ll put a smile on your face.

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